What Makes America Beautiful – Free Speech
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What happens to a society that is allowed free expression? Over 250-years ago, a few brave men were willing to give their “last full measure of devotion” to find out. Over two centuries of free speech in America has demonstrated the following about what those men called “an inalienable right.” First of all, free speech […]

Instead Of The Same – Old, Public Officials Need To Be CREATIVE!

Why do, so many, American citizens/ voters, continue, avoiding, learning effectively, essential lessons, from the past, and vote, for politicians, who, simply, articulate, the same – old, empty rhetoric, and promises, when meaningful ideas, efforts, and well – considered, actions, are needed, and necessary? Wouldn’t it, make more sense, if more of us, demanded, our […]

New Normal: If It’s Free, It Ain’t for Me
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Once when I wore a younger man’s suit I would take anything free. I assumed it was my right to get something free. Then I had a conversation with my grandfather. If anybody knew how to squeeze a buffalo out of a nickel, it was my grandfather. But you couldn’t trick him by offering him […]

Did You Know Video Games Can Help Your Kids?
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Video games offer a fun escape from reality. But they are often considered as a waste of time by some. Many parents worry if these games make their kids dumber? First, let us just accept that too much of anything can be bad. Even something healthy as super foods if taken in large quantities may […]

The Easiest Way To Get Insured
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These three methods are used by millions of people to find their insurance, and everyone uses them in different ways. So, which is the best way? And how can you get insured as quickly as possible on a great policy? The fastest way for sure is to use the internet. Instead of spending hours on […]

Reasons Why You Should Play Sudoku More
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Sudoku is among the most popular brain number games. The game requires players to fill blank boxes in the puzzle using specific rules, thus pushing the brain extensively to solve. It is a good game that challenges and exercises the brain, bringing in lots of benefits too. Whereas it seems like a very difficult game […]