IQOS is the latest innovation in the tobacco industry. IQOS is safer than JUUL and other electronic nicotine delivery systems. How about the health risks? It is now legal in the United States to sell a new, innovative alternative to smoking that heats instead of burns tobacco. The “modified risk” product, known as IQOS, will now be available for purchase by people over 18. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made this decision.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a campaign to discourage young people from using electronic cigarettes. It has stated that only adult users would be allowed to promote this product.

Because many young people are now using electronic cigarettes such as iqos iluma, this is a good thing.

(FDA) announced that it would allow the sale of IQOS for adults, stating that the devices produce less or lower levels of certain pollutants than combustible tobacco cigarettes. However, the Food and Drug Administration makes it clear that the product is not safe or FDA-approved.

People who don’t use tobacco products are advised to continue to abstain.

What Is The IQOS Brand Name?

IQOS is a heating method for tobacco. It delivers nicotine to the consumer using tobacco individually wrapped in specialized paper.

These so-called “heat sticks,” when heated within the IQOS, release nicotine and other tobacco components for the user to inhale.

This is in contrast with traditional cigarettes, which involve the burning of tobacco. It is important to remember that IQOS’s heated tobacco emits an aerosol containing known cancer-causing compounds.

Are IQOS And Smoking Cigarettes Healthier Than Using IQOS?

Because it contains tobacco, chemicals released from an IQOS device can cause cancer. Some were found in IQOS at higher concentrations than others, but some were detected at lower levels.

You may reduce the number of carcinogens by heating the tobacco rather than burning it. The amount of carcinogens that are released is also reduced. Experts says that IQOS is not less harmful or more likely to cause long-term illness than smoking.

This is the key: Quitting smoking is the best way to reduce the risk of developing an illness associated with tobacco use. This goal can be achieved using nicotine patches, chew, tablets, and medicines.

What Is The Difference Between IQOS And JUUL?

E-cigarettes, which are nicotine-delivery devices, are now on the market. The device consists of a battery, a heating element, and a liquid container. After the liquid has been heated, the aerosol is taken in by the user as a vapor.

IQOS devices don’t heat liquids to deliver nicotine, unlike electronic cigarettes. IQOS devices heat real tobacco leaves, which are high in carcinogens and other chemicals that could cause cancer.

Electronic cigarettes and IQOS devices are also different because there are various flavor options for e-cigarette liquids. IQOS can only be purchased in two flavors: regular tobacco and menthol.

Expert says that the only thing that binds electronic cigarettes to traditional cigarettes is the presence or absence of a battery. Electronic cigarettes also do not require the use of tobacco.

What Information Should Smokers Have On IQOS?

The FDA has not confirmed that IQOS can be used safely. It has also not been stated that IQOS is an effective instrument that can help consumers quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

If you’re a smoker, stopping using tobacco products is the best thing you can do for your health.

Experts says that the best way to quit smoking is to get psychological support and a mixture of pharmaceuticals and medical nicotine replacements.