As far as coronavirus transmission is concerned, many myths have been circulating across the internet. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most common myths about the covid-19. So what you need to do is be informed and understand the difference between facts and fiction. After all, misinforming people can result in dire consequences. Without further ado, let’s bunk 5 the most common myths about the covid-19. Read on to find out more.

1. Wearing a face mask can protect you from the virus

This is wrong. If you put on a regular paper surgical mask, it will offer no protection against covid-19. The reason is that most of these masks cannot block tiny microscopic particles of different types of viruses.

Therefore, buying a regular face mask will not protect you against the infection. You need to invest in a higher-quality mask that is designed for blocking viruses.

2. You are more likely to catch flue than coronavirus

This is another misconception. According to some people, since coronavirus spreads because of close contact, most people won’t be likely to get infected if they maintain some distance while talking to others.

Although most people think that covid-19 is not much different from the regular cold, the reality is the other way around. According to experts, covid-19 much more infections than the flu.

3. Pet animals can spread COVID-19

According to a report released by China, one of the dogs they tested for the virus was presumed to be “weak positive”. However, experts are not sure whether the animal was actually infected. They also assume that the dog was carrying the virus on his nose surface because of roaming around the environment where people were carrying the virus.

4. Parcels coming from China are infected

This is another misconception. This type of myth can cause a lot of social harm. Although China was the origin of COVID-19, it does not mean products coming from China are infected.

5. Regular hand dryers can eliminate COVID-19

If you doubt that your hands have the coronavirus on them, you cannot kill the virus by drying your hands using a good hand dryer. As a matter of fact, if you want your home environment to remain free of all types of infection, you need to try other methods instead of depending on a hand dryer.

For instance, you can install a good air purifier in each of your rooms for purifying your indoor air. These units are designed to catch microscopic droplets and particles of different types of viruses. Therefore, you will be less likely to catch the virus.

In short, these are just some of the common myths about covid-19. If you want to say stay protected against the virus, we suggest that you avoid spreading misinformation and follow all the expert tips to be on the safe side.