For decades, and generations, politicians, and public officials, have discussed, the need to address, improving the infrastructure, but, these discussions, largely, ended – up, being little more – than – empty – rhetoric, and, we have reached, a point, where, the infrastructure conditions, are, progressively, worse, and weaker! Instead, of, any, apparent attempt, to seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, we continue, witnessing, partisan politics, at its worst! The reality is, unless/ until, we commit to doing something, about it, instead of making excuses, and proclaiming, all the reasons, why, we can’t do it, and/ or, afford it, etc, we need, to begin, addressing, a variety of areas, which must be enhanced, sooner, rather than later, without further procrastination! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific, components/ segments, and why, these are so important, and, truly, relevant.

1. Hard infrastructure: The first, perhaps, most obvious component, is, what, I refer to as the hard infrastructure. This includes: roads; tunnels/ bridges; utilities (upgrade the grid); mass transportation; etc. However, if, all we do, is this, we will soon, discover, other aspects, will get far worse, and, procrastination/ avoidance/ denial, rarely, achieves anything, of – consequence! Obviously, this takes a significant amount of financial commitment, but, it should be done, thoroughly, thoughtfully, and in – perspective!

2. Common sense considerations: Unfortunately, what should be, common sense, is, rarely, common! Rather, our politicians, continue delaying significant issues, for apparent, political/ personal agenda, and self – interest, reasons! We need to demand, we proceed, and consider, seriously, the implications, dangers, ramifications, needs, and priorities, both, at – present, as well as, into the future!

3. Environment and Climate: We cannot afford to deny, or procrastinate/ avoid, doing something, to reverse the trend, towards Climate Change! We are witnessing, more storms, warmer weather, polar melting, increased risks from higher tide levels, etc, yet, some politicians, still, refuse to proceed, accordingly, and in a responsible manner! Similarly, we must take care of, and protect our environment, especially, related to clean air and water! Don’t we owe it, to future generations, to deliver, a planet, which is safe to live in?

4. A fairer system: Equal justice, enforcement of all Constitutional guarantees, rights and freedoms (instead of selective ones), a fairer, judicial system, etc, are all important considerations, in, ensuring, this nation, moves forward, into the future, in the most responsible manner, and serves the best interests of all Americans, in a fairer way!

These are simply, basic components, which must be addressed, in creating the best path, forward, and ensuring our infrastructure, is prepared, and equipped, properly, as – needed! Will you demand more, from those we elect, to serve and represent, all of us?