With liberty and justice for all. Most Americans point to these words, and the rest of our Constitution, and the guarantees, regarding our freedoms and rights, but, an objective observer, realizes, all Americans are not treated, and/ or, considered, equal! For those of us, who don’t face these limitations, on a regular basis, it may be difficult to relate, to the constant stress, created by, this type of second – rate, treatment, etc! However, for members of certain minority groups, it has become apparent, many key areas of life, which others take – for – granted, are extremely challenging, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 concerning examples, of this treatment, and behavior.

1. Police/ policing/ systemic racism: Driving, while black, is often, somewhat – jokingly, referred to, as the reason, certain African – Americans, are stopped, by police, for supposed – offenses, and/ or, suspicious activities, while the rest of us, are not! Objective observers realize, we are witnessing a dangerous, concerning level, of systemic racism, which creates, different treatment, by the law, depending on race, and social stratus! Statistics demonstrate, people – of – color, are arrested, more often, given less rights, and receive, anything – but, equal treatment, and justice! In the past few years, rather than seeing, improvement, in this area, it seems to be more – widespread, and disgusting!

2. Courts/ Justice: In many cases, those, who can afford, the fees, of the finest attorneys, end – up, receiving a different level of justice, and treatment, than those, who are of limited, financial means! It often appears, based on deals – made, sentences received, prosecutions, and verdicts, we have anything – but, equal justice, for all!

3. Equal employment/ educational opportunities, and pay/ income: Nearly every study indicates, minorities, in – general, are paid less, and usually, have less opportunity, for the finest employment opportunities! Although, educational opportunities, on the college/ university level, seem to have improved, somewhat, at lower levels, it seems, there is still a significant gap, largely, related to race, ethnicity, and income!

4. Real estate red – lining: Although, red – lining, is illegal, the reality is, we continue, seeing it! In minority – neighborhoods, conditions, safety issues, access to quality stores, etc, are, far – different, from the standards, received, in non – minority, areas!

Wake up, America, and stop, believing, it’s acceptable, to selectively, pick – and – choose, which of our Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, and liberties, to observe/ obey, and which, to pay, less attention, to! We need more common sense, fairness, equality, and genuine, liberty and justice, for – all!