The inherent challenge, and obstacle, we face, when a national leader, articulates a populist message, based on supposedly, putting America, first, is, many things, can only be, effectively, addressed, if/ when, the public official, recognizes the impact, of our actions, has, on our WORLD and planet! Some issues, which are worldwide, in – nature, include: addressing the dangers of Climate Change; the need for well – considered, environment protections; the full – picture related to attempting to minimize the impact of fossil fuels; seeking world peace; admitting the potential dangers of nuclear weapons, of mass destruction, etc. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, address, consider, review, examine, and review, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, this is a potentially, urgent issue.

1. Water; weather; wars: On a planet, with an abundance of water, why do some areas, suffer, from water – related challenges? We must protect our water quality, to ensure the maintenance of a healthy resource, for everyone! Weather conditions, often, are created/ caused, by the side effects, from Climate Change, and overall, carbon emissions, etc! Obviously, if our world is to survive, we must do, all we can, to avoid, mankind’s tendency, to fight wars, rather than prioritize, diplomatic, peaceful solutions, and options!

2. Oxygen; options; ozone; opportunities; open – mind: We have, already, witnessed, how certain products (for example, aerosols), potentially, cause damage to our ozone layer! Humans need clean air/ oxygen, for a healthier existence, and this requires, a worldwide effort! Options and opportunities must be considered, and evaluated, thoroughly, with an open – mind, to realize, every nation’s actions, has ramifications, on the rest of the world/ planet!

3. Renewables; relevant; responsibilities; ramifications: We all benefit, when a greater emphasis, is placed, on the benefits, of a widespread focus, on renewable energies! Our actions have future ramifications, as well as impacts, on other parts of our planet! Since, we share Earth, wouldn’t it make sense, to proceed, in a relevant, responsible way, and assume shared responsibilities, sooner, rather than later? We can’t afford procrastination?

4. Listen; learn; leadership: Our leaders must listen and learn, from the experts, and provide, responsible, responsive leadership, in all of these types of issues!

5. Delve deeply; discover; deliver: We must demand our leaders, go beyond politics, and the apparent – surface, and delve deeply, into the possibilities, and best – path, forward, in order to discover, how to proceed, and deliver on, what we need, and deserve!

Like it, or not, the United States of America, is a part of the planet, Earth! Will we become a more – responsible, world partner?