Lying in the bed in need of sleep but without the peace of it. Hurting and cursing the tears that refuse to stop falling. Begging a broken heart not to drag the pain of love lost into a day that has no sympathy for the weak. Who do you call when you don’t want to be told to move on when you’re in love? So easy to tell some one that has no fight left in them that the pain of losing the love of their life will cease if they just stop looking back. That advice doesn’t work until love says so. It’s not water, you can’t just turn it on and off. How in the hell do you pull the plug on love when it’s very much alive? In others eyes you are the epitome of a fool. Hypocrites. They’ve gone through the same thing and no one could tell them to let go.

The hardest part about going through love’s rejection is trying to figure out how to protect your heart. It’s easier said than done because you remember every minuscule thing about the person you wish you didn’t have to lose. What they said, how they said it, their kisses, embraces, their smell, facial expressions, body language, rather they had a cold heart or were charismatic, their future plans, and most importantly how you were supposed to fit in their lives. How dare them treat you like you were temporary when you thought you were a keeper.

No sense in pretending to be over them because the memory of them will keep resurfacing for a very long time. The pain of losing the person you love feels like some one is ripping your heart out of your chest. Dealing with the need to see them is also excruciating. Especially when you want them to say breaking up was a mistake. Hope hangs around because to not hope means it’s over and that’s a pill that’s just too bitter to swallow.

Only time can heal an embattled heart. The mind is selfish because it hangs on to what should be forgotten. Why doesn’t the heart and mind get on the same page it could take some of the ouch out of the equation. When all’s said and done the heart’s trying to fight back, but the mind is stubborn and won’t stop relishing in incredible memories that will never be again.