Christianity has been around for centuries. It is one of the foundations of religious belief for millions around the world. It has stood the test of time and is still standing.

As someone whose life has been forever changed by the concepts found in Christianity I can tell you that I am disturbed by the way some Christians choose to deal with those who fail to uphold the moral standards normally found in the Bible.

Everyone falls short, makes mistakes and misses the mark. But the irony of it all is this; when a person does not meet the expectations that others have for them as a Christian the funeral is usually held while the person is still breathing.

Consider the many men and women in the Bible who failed. God lets us look into their lives for a reason. I believe it is so we can all see that man is flawed, prone to making mistakes and desperately in need of a savior.

Adam and Eve – sacrificed an eternity with a relationship with God for a piece of fruit. They could have had it all but allowed sin to take the one thing we all desperately need: God.

Abraham – had Ismael when God had told him that his son would come through Sarah.

Isaac – lied about Rebekkah being his wife because he was afraid.

Jacob- deceived his father and stole from his brother

Moses – killed an Eqyptian for being an Egyptian doing what came naturally

Gideon- refused to accept the position God intended for him

David – killed a man to have his wife

Solomon – loved strange women more than he loved God.

Peter – denied Jesus 3 times

Paul – watched Christian being murdered

The list is longer but you see my point. Christians cannot say they have lived such righteous lives that they have never failed. We all have sinned and fallen so short of God’s glory. But if that is the case, how can we as a people be so intolerant of the failures of others? Because for many believers we do not look at how God views people; instead we look at how we view them.

Sometimes people find more grace in a hospital than they do in a Bible believing church. That just ought not to be. God’s grace should be sufficient for us all. It will be when we stop killing those whom Jesus died to save.