It is likely that just about everyone on this planet enjoys receiving love and affection. Along with this, just as many people are likely to enjoy expressing love and affection.

When this takes place, someone can give another person their full attention. Thus, this can also be a time when they will touch them, maintain eye contact, say supportive things and hug them, amongst other things.


A Nourishing Time

While one person is behaving in this way, the other could be behaving in a very similar way. One way of looking at it would be to say that these two people will be fully in the moment, which will allow both of them feel seen and heard.

This is going to be something that someone can experience when they are with a friend, family member or with their partner, that’s assuming they are in an intimate relationship. Naturally, their partner is likely to be more affectionate than anyone else in their life, and one is likely to be far more affectionate with them than they are with anyone else.


However, while one will enjoy being on the receiving end of affection, it doesn’t mean that they will be dependent on the affection that their partner gives them. Through being in touch with the loving part of themselves, they will be able to experience love when they are not around them.

One is then not going to feel empty on the inside and only experience love when they are with their partner. Being able to source love from the inside is also going to stop them from expecting too much from them.

An Exchange

If one wasn’t in touch with the love that was within them, it might be normal for other people to feel drained after they have spent time with them. So instead of looking forward to spending time with them again, these people might feel the need to avoid them for a little while.

But, as they are in touch with their inner love, they will be able to give as well as receive. This is bound to have a positive effect on their relationship, as their partner won’t feel suffocated by them.


Due to what is taking place within them, there will be no need for them to try to control their partner either. This is because they won’t perceive their partner as having something that they desperately need.

Whether they are with them or away doing something else, they will still be able to tap into the love that is within them. And as they don’t desperately need their love, there is going to be no reason for them to put up with bad behaviour.

A Different Reality

Although experiencing life in this way is going to be the ideal, not everyone is going to be able to relate to this. Consequently, someone like this is likely to be completely dependent on the love that others provide.

For some reason, they are not going to be in touch with the love that is within them, and this is likely to mean that they know what it is like to feel empty. To keep this feeling away, they will need to receive constant love and affection from others.

Two Stages

If they are in an intimate relationship, the other person may have appreciated being needed at the beginning. But, as time has passed, they may find that it is too much for them to handle.

In addition to how much attention one wants from them, they may even try to control their life. The fear that one has of losing them could cause their partner to feel trapped and as though they can’t have their own life.


And, even if their partner is attentive and spends a lot of time with them, it doesn’t mean that one won’t end up straying. No matter how much love that their partner gives them, it probably won’t be enough to fill the hole that is inside of them.

Having another person on the go, or even a hundred more people, won’t have much of an effect on them. Alternatively, one could be in a dysfunctional relationship, yet their fear of being alone could stop them from walking away.

What’s going on?

Even though someone like this will be out of touch with the love that is inside them, they could believe that there is no love within them. What this is likely to show is that they are carrying a lot of emotional pain and, until this pain is dealt with, they will continue to feel empty.

The big question is why are they out of touch with the love that is inside of them? The reason why they are experiencing life in this way ca be the result of what took place during their early years.

Way Back

Throughout their early years, they may have been neglected. The love that they needed during this incredibly important time in their life wouldn’t have been provided on a regular basis, if at all.

And as what they needed wasn’t provided, it would have stopped them from being able to develop in the right way. This would have affected their brain and body, and it would have most likely loaded their system up with emotional pain.


Fortunately, what took place doesn’t have to define their life forever, that’s if one reaches out for the right support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.